About Inmate Orders


 BAD NEWS  InmateMAGS.com closed on March 31, 2018.
 GOOD NEWS  Now you can order magazines for inmates at myMAGstore.com!


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myMAGstore.com now accepts web orders for delivery to inmates from prisoners and inmate families.

  • myMAGstore.com is a web-only service that offers most of the same magazines for purchase for inmates.
  • Your order will be shipped promptly to your facility in exactly the same way as inmateMAGS.com.


myMAGstore.com will operate with important changes to ordering and account procedures.

  • All orders must go through www.myMAGstore.com. We no longer accept orders over the phone or through the mail.


  • All orders through myMAGstore.com will require a secondary email confirmation prior to shipping to ensure that customers understand the more restrictive terms which myMAGstore.com will need to apply. 


  • Prices at myMAGstore.com are the same as InmateMAGS.com.


  • myMAGstore.com has a strict no refund policy. Refer to our Refund Policy for more information. 


  • myMAGstore.com does not offer store credit vouchers for returned items.


  • myMAGstore.com does not offer prepaid account services.


  • You can set up a new account on our website by clicking on Sign In at the upper right-hand side of the website and selecting Create Account. Or you can sign in as a guest at check-out.











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Shutdown Information

  InmateMAGS.com Phones  


  • InmateMAGS.com phones are no longer available. When you call InmateMAGS.com, you will be directed to myMAGstore.com.
  • We DO NOT ACCEPT orders over the phone. 
  • For questions, order inquiries, and all other customer service inquiries, please contact us via the Contact Us page, or send an email to info@myMAGstore.com


  InmateMAGS.com Mail Orders  


  • As of March 1, 2018, We will no longer accept mail orders or payment of any kind via mail. Submit an order via www.myMAGstore.com


  Newsletter and Catalog Orders   


  • Color newsletter subscriptions were terminated as of the February 2018 issue. No new issues will be available.


  • The full magazine catalog has been suspended indefinitely. If we do choose to offer it again, we will post the information on the website.