Domestic Shipments to a Street Address

  • We have a $7.50 flat rate basic shipping option - 
    if it fits, it ships.
    We use USPS flat rate envelope shipping - for most magazine orders, this is the best option for price and reliability. 

    We can fit 10 copies of Sports Illustrated or 2 copies of the regular US Vogue in this envelope.

  • Some magazines such as FLAUNTCR Fashion Book, and the big Vogue will not fit in the flat rate envelope. These items are often marked on the website - you must contact us before ordering to get a shipping quote and ordering instructions. While a few magazines such as Purple Fashion can ship by media mail (because they are a book without ads), most magazines are chock full of ads and cannot be shipped by the media mail taxpayer subsidized rate.
  • APO? 
    Same $7.50 flat rate basic shipping option
    as the continental US, but orders will take longer to arrive.


Prison Facility Shipment to an Inmate

  • We do ship to Post Office Boxes.
    We only ship United States Post Office Priority Mail.

    For magazines, this is the most economical, efficient, and reliable method of getting magazines to inmates. 

  • We charge a flat rate of $7.50 per shipment, no matter how many magazines there are.

  • We charge $1 per magazine handling charge, so a 3 magazine order is charged 3 x $1 handling plus $7.50 shipping for a total of $10.50 shipping & handling.

  • If the magazines do not fit in a Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope, we may ship First Class or Media Mail, but you never pay more than $7.50.

  • If a magazine shows out-of-stock on the website, we will ship without the magazine unless we can reasonably expect a new issue within 3 days.  We will not hold an order past 3 days waiting for a new issue - magazine delivery schedules are too unreliable.

Missing Shipments 

  • If an order has not reached an inmate within one week of the shipment date, we will be happy to send a "where's my stuff" packet to the inmate, showing what was shipped and the tracking number, as well as delivery confirmation from the post office.  In our experience, this will almost always produce the magazines from the mailroom - they may still be rejected for other various reasons - but they will acknowledge receipt of the package.

  • In we cannot show delivery confirmation through the Post Office, we will reship at our expense.


  • InmateMAGS.com catalogs are currently being revised to match the MyMagStore.com inventory and ordering policies.